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Chris Hall, Director

Specialist Addictions Therapist, Cert.Laser Therapist,
Dip.Psych, Dip.Hypno, Dip.Couns
Member WALT – World Association of Laser Therapists

Happy & Healthy Vital Family

Why let addiction or illness rob you of  your health?

Why let nicotine, alcohol, drugs, weight gain, gambling or the debilitating effects of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, or obsessive compulsive disorders ruin your life?

All of these concerns, even in their most chronic forms, can be treated without the use of drugs to help restore you to optimal health and well-being. Why wait to be healthy and well when you can start today?

Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics combines the latest laser technologies, bio-nutritionals and cognitive behavioural therapies to help facilitate ‘Drug Free’ recovery in a comfortable and respectful clinical environment.

Our multi-faceted ‘Drug Free’ approach combines the benefits of laser, nutrition and cognitive behaviour therapies into single clinical treatments to address the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms of substance and behavioural addictions and other common health debilitating conditions.

It’s safe, easy and very effective!*

View our Health and Wellbeing recovery treatments list or call 07 4054 6111 to arrange a personal consultation.

* Individual results may vary based on personal circumstances and conditions.