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What is it and what can we do about it?

If we ask 10 people to define stress or explain what causes stress and how that stress affects them personally, we would most likely receive 10 different answers. It seems there is no definition of stress on which we all agree.

What is stressful for one person is often pleasurable for others. Stress is not always a synonym for distress. Experiences like sky diving, bungy jumping or driving a car very fast can cause fear and anxiety for some and yet provide pleasure and excitement for others.

However today it is widely agreed that Stress is Public Enemy #1.

We all experience stress from several sources. Physical Stress; being the stresses of the body which may come from the physical work or exercise we do, the food we eat, our toxicity levels and general state of health. Psychological Stress; being problem solving type stresses that occur in our work and the daily challenges we face in daily life, and of course Emotional Stress; the stresses we experience from relationships with partners, family members, co-workers or even other drivers on the roads, and yes… even one’s relationship with oneself! All these things come together to generate our personal experiences and levels of stress.

Whilst moderate amounts of stress makes us stronger when our stress levels become overwhelming we can find our physical, psychological and emotional health dangerously compromised. Excessive stress is directly linked to anxiety, depression, heart attack and stroke, hypertension, immune system disturbances, viral disorders like the common cold and herpes, to AIDS and cancers, as well as autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Stress can have direct effects on the skin like rashes, shingles, dermatitis; the gastrointestinal system like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and contributes to insomnia and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Stress can even affect libido and fertility. In fact, it’s difficult to name a disease, discomfort or concern in which stress cannot play an aggravating or debilitating role.

However stress can be doubly dangerous!

When we find ourselves responding to stress with worry, anxiety, insomnia, nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs, gambling, over eating or any other activity that depletes our physical, psychological or emotional resources we are in trouble. It is the way we choose to respond to stress that leads us into addiction, anxiety, depression and ill health. Stress is Public Enemy #1.

So how can we best deal with stress?

The answer of course is obvious… don’t over work, eat well, rest regularly and generally look after the health of the mind, body and soul. But when we are already overwhelmed with stress, addicted to a harmful substance or activity, suffering ill-health, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or depression this can be very difficult to achieve.

Advanced Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a safe and effective tool to help deal with stress. Laser has a wonderfully calming and relaxing effect on the central and peripheral nervous sytems, helping to relieve our stress and anxiety levels. This gentle and therapeutic change of state stimulates the brain’s natural release of endogenous neuro-chemicals (our feel good chemicals or endorphins) to provide the brain with pleasure and the opportunity to stablise and restart the natural, normal release of endorphins in an easy and very consistent manner.*

Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics’ Stop Stress Today Treatment is a multi-faceted, holistic ‘Drug Free’ therapy specifically designed to…

Help Reduce physical & psychological stress.*

Help Support the Body with vital bio-nutritionals to enhance overall physical and psychological well-being, aid physical recovery, relieve fatigue, enhance energy levels and provide the crucial resources necessary for positive on-going recovery.*

Help Facilitate Lifestyle Change/s for enhanced physical and psychological calm and effective stress management with easy to use strategies for sustainable long term well-being.*

It is safe, easy and very effective!*

Health & Wellbeing Treatments Treatment Time
Stop Stress Today 2.5 hour appointment
Stop Insomnia Today 2.5 hour appointment
Stop Fatigue Today 2.5 hour appointment
Stop Chronic Fatigue Today 4 hour appointment
Sexual Libido/Fertility Recovery 2.5 hour appointment
Stop Anxiety Today 2.5 hour appointment
Stop Depression Today 4 hour appointment
Stop OCD Today 4 hour appointment

* Individual results may vary based on personal circumstances and conditions.