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Maintaining a happy, healthy and fulfilling life can at times have some formidable challenges! No matter how calm, happy or healthy a person might feel in a given moment or on any given day, it is certain that stress (in its many forms) will always try to erode that calm and wellbeing away.

It certainly will if we allow it to do so!

At these challenging times professional help with effective therapeutic clinical support can make the very real difference between continued health and success or relapse and ill-health.

When life’s challenges start to become overwhelming we can choose to cave into stress and relapse into our old patterns of behavior, or we can choose professional help and support! Addiction, Health & Wellbeing Maintenance and Support Treatments provide specific clinical Therapies and Counselling to help you cope with stress, temptation and anxiety! They provide the crucial physical and psychological support that helps you stay on track, when you need it most!

Addiction, Health & Wellbeing Support Treatments Treatment Time
Laser Detox & De-stress 1.25 hour appointment
Laser Addiction Support 1.25 hour appointment
Laser Weight-loss Support 1.25 hour appointment
Laser Wellbeing Support 1.25 hour appointment
Client/Crisis Counselling 1.25 hour appointment