For many… the word ‘Addiction’ raises negative connotations, fears and often harsh judgements; and whilst this is understandable to be or become addicted is part of our very nature.

What is it and what can we do about it?

For many… the word ‘Addiction’ raises negative connotations, fears and often harsh judgements; and whilst this is understandable to be or become addicted is part of our very nature.

We describe ourselves and others as having ‘Addictive Personalities’, yet the dynamics or processes we regard negatively are in fact important positive and valuable processes. We use them to learn, to refine our skills and we rely upon them for our very survival.

When we remind our selves the very basis of addiction is… ‘The Brain (and Body) Seeking Relief’ we raise our awareness of how we become addicted and importantly, how we might free ourselves from addictions that no longer serve us in any positive or helpful manner.

Whenever the brain notices we are uncomfortable (in any way) it seeks relief from that discomfort on our behalf. Seeking this relief is the natural response of the brain to our discomfort or unease. This is how the brain protects us and ensures our survival. The brain continually and tirelessly guides us towards comfort, safety, pleasure and relief. When we are dehydrated, for example, the brain creates thirst seeking water. When we are low on oxygen the brain has the body gasp for oxygen and when we are nutrition deficient (the basis of many current addictions) the brain creates hunger (cravings) seeking that nutrition.

When the brain notices we are sad, lonely, anxious, fearful, fatigued, stressed, angry, bored or uncomfortable in any way… the brain seeks relief from that discomfort. That’s what the brain does and for the large part it is to our benefit that it does! So the question becomes…

How do we choose to respond to the brain?

When we find ourselves responding to the discomfort, stresses and challenges of life with exercise, sport, singing or maybe playing the piano or gardening, it can be a very positive and rewarding experience. These responses provide us with pleasure, comfort and relief and help enhance the quality of our daily lives. However, when we respond with nicotine, alcohol, drugs and medications, junk food or harmful behaviours which provide us with a temporary Illusion of Relief, we are in trouble. We can quickly lose control of our lives becoming slaves to debilitating habits, rituals and routines which ultimately erode our health, our fitness and our general well-being!

Breaking free of addiction is about finding better ways to respond to the brain when it seeks comfort, safety, pleasure and relief. So that in future, we can comfortably and easily choose to respond differently, to create different experiences and better outcomes. Breaking free of addiction does not have to be difficult, painfull or drawn out! It is not about changing the world as that is entirely unnecessary, but rather, its about finding the easiest way to change, for what is easy is more doable and what is more doable is Significantly More Successful.

There are many ways to break free of an addiction including ‘Cold Turkey’, numerous drugs and medications (addictive of course), detox with its varying degrees of discomfort, expensive rehabilitation programmes, hypnosis, seemingly endless counselling and other methods offering various challenges and varying degrees of success. However, Laser Therapy (LLLT) is now a valuable clinical resource for effectively dealing with all forms of substance and behavioural addiction.

Advanced Laser Therapy facilitates the easiest withdrawal by relieving the physical symptoms we typically experience whenever we try to quit a substance or behavioural addiction. Laser gently calms and relaxes the central and peripheral nervous systems while stimulating the brain’s release of endorphins (our natural feel good chemicals) to make for the easiest withdrawal from addiction.

When we combine the therapeutic physical and psychological effects of laser with the latest bio-nutrition and effective behaviour modification techniques we quickly address both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction in a ‘Single Treatment’. This holistic drug free approach provides the easiest, safest and most effective way to break free and stay free of addiction. When serious about quitting addiction… Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics is the answer!