Is Your Health Slipping Through Your Fingers?

What is it and what can we do about it?

Unwanted weight gain is now a significant health concern for most Australians. Some researchers claim More than 50% of us are Significantly Overweight and around 20% of us are Dangerously (morbidly) Obese. When we look around and take a moment to observe ourselves these figures and what they indicate are all too obvious.

So how is it that in our modern world of super diets, exercise, sophisticated weight loss potions, reality TV shows, dieticians and personal trainers (all claiming to help us lose weight) the majority of us continue to… Struggle with Unwanted Weight Gain?

Most of us of course understand (though some choose to ignore it for convenience) that consuming fast foods, snack foods, junk foods, diet foods and beverages laden with sugar, chemicals, artificial colourings, preservatives, flavour enhancers and caffiene, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is a winning formula for weight gain, Type II Diabetes, obesity and early death.

However why is it even when we consciously make an effort to eat well by choosing ‘fresh live foods’, exercise regularly and do our best to avoid excesses, chemicals, alcohol and medications, we still Continue to Gain Weight? So the question becomes…

What are we doing wrong?

The answer to this question lies within our personal perception and daily relationship with the body. We forget that the body is the best friend we have ever had! It is the best friend any of us will ever have! The body is our loyal servant carrying us around this planet faithfully year after year doing a fabulous job for us with often precious little assistance or co-operation in return. In fact, we often interfere with body, we mess with its ability to look after us as well as it might! We don’t give it enough sleep, nutrition, water, relaxation or exercise and we stress the systems of the body, by over working it and not providing it with what it needs, when it needs it. Instead, we provide it with a vast array of ‘Stuff’. Things the body does not need, finds toxic and/or has no good use for. The research shows many of us now Care Better for Our Pets than we do for our Own Bodies!

We seem to forget that the body is intelligent! Not just a little intelligent or even very intelligent, but ‘Outrageously Intelligent’. The body can heal itself! Sounds simple doesn’t it, something we might take for granted. But can you imagine if your motor car could heal itself? It can’t though can it? It does not have the intelligence to heal itself. It does not know what to do. And even if we gave it the intelligence, it still would not have the means to heal itself! Your body does! It knows exactly what to do… always! The point I make is…. ‘Your Body Does Not Need You to do It’s Thinking For It’. The body thinks perfectly well for itself!

Within the body there are numerous biological systems that come together perfectly to carry out what one might refer to as ‘The Work of The Body’. Some of these systems are more obvious to us than others, like those that assimilate the body. They make cells, blood, skin, hair etc.; they heal the cut on your leg without you having to think about it! Then there are other systems (less obvious perhaps) that make the chemicals the body uses, like our enzymes, endorphins and hormones etc, and numerous other systems (less obvious again) that for example, enable the body to regulate the timing of the firing of your nerves and create the neurological pathways through the brain enabling you to think rationally, recognise things and remember things. The body is an ‘Outrageously Intelligent’ self maintaining resource. The body is in fact more intelligent than the mind! So if we are satisfied with the inteligence of our minds we should be very excited by the Good News  that the Body is even More Intelligent than the Mind!

All of the biological systems of the body and the work they carry out have only one single purpose, only one reason for being…‘to Look After Us from the Inside Out’… they have no other purpose! It is these systems and the very work they carry out that directly determine our health and state of well-being. They directly determine our energy levels, the rate of aging of the body and even the mood we are in! It is ‘The Work of the Body’ which determines our physical and psychological experience of every day life!

So if the body is so smart and looks after us so well, why do we feel unwell, lethargic, stressed, overweight, and depressed? Because in our hectic modern lifestyles we find it difficult to provide the body with what it needs to fulfill its responsibilities, to carry out ‘The Work of the Body’.

Yet the body’s needs are quite simple.

To fullfil all of its responsibilities the body only requires nutrition, oxygen, water, some rest, some exercise and a little sunshine. Fortunately providing the body’s needs is in large part fairly easy! Oxygen, water, rest, exercise and sunshine are all easily obtained and provided if we simply choose to provide them! However nutrition, which once came to us via our daily diet, is now quite a different matter altogether. Our difficulties come from no longer being able to easily obtain ‘Adequate Nutrition’ from regular foods.

The ‘Fresh Live Foods’ we are meant to eat and rely upon for our daily nutritional requirements are now substantially depleted in mineral and nutritional content. Some foods, (including red meats and numerous fruit, vegetable and grain crops), now contain up to 60% less mineral content than they did 50 years ago. This reality and the difficulties we experience as a result of it are further compounded by the fact that the ‘Fresh Apple’ (and many other items) we might confidently purchase in the supermarket has been refrigerated for up to 3 years. Its value as a source of vitamins for use by the body is often Minimal and in Many Cases Zero.

What does this mean?

It means that today it is extremely difficult to virtually impossible for regular people like you and I and the people we might know to provide our bodies with ‘Adequate Nutrition’. Make no mistake, we all get nutrition, but it’s simply ‘Not Adequate’.

And what does this mean?

It means this! Take a good look around you, anywhere you care to look, at any group of people you might care to look at and you will notice that everyone is pretty much doing the same thing! Everyone is continually putting things into their mouths. It can be anything of course… fast foods, snack foods, junk foods, bakery treats, iced coffee, sugar, caffeine, diet coke, zero coke, pepsi max, sugar free gums, v drinks, red bulls, nicotine, alcohol, prescription medications and more… It Can Be Anything! Take another look around you in the street, most of the litter you will see is food wrappers and drink bottles. We are burying ourselves in this Stuff!

So how come everyone is doing the same thing, continually consuming large quantities of ‘Stuff’, all of which contains Little or No Nutrition.

The answer is this…

All of these people (regardless of what they might be doing) are responding to the same experience! They are responding in their own individual way, (whatever way is convenient for their particular lifestyle) to the same experience. The experience of… ‘The Body Continually Looking for Something!’. They don’t know exactly what the body is looking for but they certainly know the body is looking because they can feel it…‘The Craving’… and of course in it goes… whatever happens to be handy, whatever happens to be convenient!

The body is looking for nutrition!

The body is ‘Outrageously Intelligent’. When the body does not get one of the things on its very short list of needs, it doesnt just roll over and ignore it! It always, with out exception, goes looking for it! When the body does not get Adequate Nutrition It Continually Looks for that Nutrition. When the body is dehydrated it continually looks for water, it thirsts! When the body does not receive adequate oxygen (try holding your breath for 3 minutes) it continually looks for oxygen, it gasps!

When the body does not receive ‘Adequate Nutrition’ it can not do the work of the body, it can not fulfil its purpose, so it continually looks for nutrition and will continually look for that nutrition until it’s nutritional needs are met! It craves!

Whenever we consume foods and beverages with little or no nutritional value…‘Stuff’, the body converts that ‘Stuff’ into fat and wraps it around the hips, torso, thighs, arms etc. The body is ‘Outrageously intelligent’ it stores what it can not use and does not need, then continues to look for the nutrition that enables it to do ‘The Work of the Body’…the work that looks after us from the inside out!

When the body consistently receives adequate nutrition it becomes ‘Nutritionally Satisfied’. When this occurs numerous benefits occur within the body; overall physical, psychological and emotion health and well-being benefit. The body, now armed with the very resources it requires to do the work of looking after us from the inside out now gets on with the job! Health and well-being return, energy levels increase, the immune system recovers and our experience of every day life changes! However the thing people notice most, the thing that is so helpful and so veryimportant is…‘The Body Stops Looking for Things’… all sorts of things! The body stops craving because the body now has what it was always craving for!

So how easy or difficult can this be?

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