PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) is a safe and fast non-invasive treatment for sun damaged skin on the face and body, and is the preferred treatment for elevated sunspots and pre-cancerous lesions. A lotion is applied to the treatment area and allowed to absorb into the skin over a two hour period. The lotion specifically targets sun damaged and unhealthy skin cells only.

This lotion is not attracted to normal, healthy skin cells. After absorption of  lotion the targeted skin cells become light sensitive. The absorbed lotion is then activated by Red Light, destroying only the pre-cancerous and unhealthy cells and leaving all normal, healthy tissue unaffected. Large areas can be treated quickly, safely and effectively with long lasting results. Photo-dynamic Therapy has no risk of scarring, leaving the skin looking clearer, smoother and healthier. It is safe for all skin types and colours, and is effective at all ages. Photo Dynamic Therapy uses light combined with a light sensitive agent to destroy cancer cells.

When applied to the skin the light sensitive agent seeks out and attaches to cancer cells. When the agent is activated by the light the cancer cells are destroyed. PDT provides outstanding results without invasive surgery and scarring. Photo Rejuvenation is a safe, non invasive skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatment without risk, discomfort or downtime. Photo Rejuvenation is non-ablative, which means it does not cut, burn, or scar the skin tissue. The treatment’s effectiveness does not rely on trauma, burning or the  destruction of skin tissue and therefore no swelling or redness occurs.

The visible improvement of the skin is gentle and gradual, occurring naturally over a several weeks at a deeper cellular level, effectively rejuvenating the skin from the inside out. There is no downtime for healing after treatment.

My Colleagues at School said to me one day that my skin “looks great now that I’m wearing make-up”… I wasn’t wearing any. I love the AFT Green light and Laser. Thank you Karen.
— Linda

Benefits of photo rejuvenation:

  • Improves the appearance of ageing and sun damaged skin

  • Promotes collagen production

  • Skin texture appears smoother

  • Skin appears brighter

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation

  • Non-Invasive with no downtime


  • Soothes irritated, red and inflamed skin conditions

  • Stimulates micro-circulation

  • Recommended for post-operative healing

  • Assists in killing bacteria

  • Excellent for all skin types and skin colours

  • No risk of burning or damaging the skin

Number of treatments needed

Determined by age, skin condition, previous sun exposure, lifestyle and health matters, visible changes that occur with Photo Rejuvenation are immediate and cumulative, thus optimal results from Photo Rejuvenation come from regularly scheduled weekly treatments. After a course oftreatments the skin continues to improve over an 8-12 weeks period. Maintenance treatments can be scheduled monthly. Photo Rejuvenation is also effective for healing surface wounds and treating other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and fine lines.

Photo rejuvenation

When applied to the skin the light energy is converted to cell energy. The light is absorbed by the cells and is dispersed evenly to stimulate collagen, increase fibroblast activity, rejuvenate cellular production and kill acne and inflammation causing bacteria. Helps to accelerate the deep healing and rejuvenation of the skin including burns, dermatitis, acne and slows down the ageing process. A course of Photo Light treatment is recommended.