What is it and what can we do about it?

When we inhale cigarette smoke we activate two major experiences within us.

The first experience is from the Nicotine!  Nicotine is very fast acting and if it were not as fast acting as it is, no one would ever smoke! After inhaling cigarette smoke the Nicotine passes through the lung wall and into the blood stream. It then very quickly delivers a message straight to the brain. The message of course is always the same… ‘This is a Calming and Relaxing Thing to do!’

However, we call and classify Nicotine a psychoactive narcotic, which in plain language means it is a drug that acts upon the mind! The mind of course can only do one thing… Think! Every experience (anyone of us has ever had) of the calm and relaxation of Nicotine has been a thought! We Think We are Calm and Relaxed! The mind responds to Nicotine in the only way it can, by thinking! We Think We are Calm and Relaxed!

However, when the mind is deep within this illusion and we monitor the body, the body tells us quite clearly there is No Calm and Relaxation going on anywhere in the body at all. The body tells us our heart rate has increased, our blood pressure has increased and the body has gone into Stress! 

The body of course is reacting in the only way that it can (physically) to the fact that when we inhaled the cigarette smoke, yes we inhaled some Nicotine, but we also inhaled over 4,000 toxins straight into the blood stream. Some of these toxins are very nasty! So the Body Responds by Cleaning Up the Mess! 

During our youthful years the body’s ability to clean up this mess is quite remarkable, however as we age the body’s ability to do this work slowly declines to a point where it can no longer do enough housekeeping to keep us clean. We then become toxic and eventually, we become ill!

So for the average smoker (generally speaking) the illusion of calm and relaxation all smokers know so well, lasts for about approximately 13 minutes and then it begins to wear off!

I am very proud to be able to tell you I am still smoke free after a year. I have endured some incredibly stressfull events since my treatment without succumbing to the dreadful cigarette. Being a smoker of more than 40 years, I was hopeful, but didn’t really think I would be able to stop. My eternal thanks go to ALTClinics Cairns for offering this treatment to people… if I can do it ANYONE can!
— L.F, Bendigo

So, what are we left with?

We are left with 4,200 Toxins (approx, researchers tell us) coursing through the blood stream!

So how do you suppose that might feel?

If we are honest with our selves… at first it feels… just slightly uncomfortable!

And if we then sit with it awhile we start to notice it feeling a little more uncomfortable! If we sit with it a little while longer, we notice it becoming even more uncomfortable until eventually we start to feel irritable, agitated, cranky, and impatient!

So what do you suppose we do about that?

Yes, we Light Another Cigarette! 

13 minutes of calm and relaxation once again descends upon the mind! We think we are calm and relaxed. Of course13 minutes later the Nicotine starts to wear off, again! And what are we left with? We are left with 4,200 toxins coursing through the blood stream. How does that feel? So what do we do about it?

Yes, we Light Yet Another Cigarette!

So there it is… on the table, in full view and in all its glory!

When we smoke a cigarette the Nicotine quickly delivers a short term illusion of calm and relaxation to the mind… we think we are calm and relaxed, whilst the toxins ensure the body goes into serious stress and discomfort!

I was smoking at least 60 rollies a day in my truck and wanted to quit but tried everything and always failed. Two and a half years ago I went to Advanced Laser Therapy in Cairns with two of my best mates and we all quit on the same day. We haven’t smoked since. After the treatment we all went to the pub and got drunk. Best money we ever spent.
— G, M&R. Mt. Isa

So, what can we do about it?

Advanced Laser Therapy Clinics’… Stop Smoking Today Treatment is a multiple faceted, holistic ‘Drug Free’ therapy specifically designed to…

Relieve the Physical Dependency on the narcotic Nicotine without the use of drugs.

Detoxify the Body of Nicotine and toxic chemicals to enhance overall well-being, assist the body repair physical damage and sustain physical and psychological change.

Facilitate Change to Nicotine/Smoke Free with effective psychological tools targeting the addiction of nicotine (the drug) and the associated rituals of smoking (the habit).

Advanced Laser Therapy (LLLT) stimulates the brain’s natural release of endogenous neuro-chemicals, our natural opioids (endorphins) to assist in overcoming substance cravings and eliminate the physical symptoms of withdrawal. This gentle yet profound change of state is supported with vital bio-nutritionals to provide the body with the crucial help needed to evacuate nicotine and toxic chemicals quickly and comfortably. Solution Oriented behaviour modification therapies during and post treatment overcome residual psychological attachments to the addiction and help facilitate long term smoking cessation.

Advanced Laser Therapy Treatments combine the most advanced laser technologies with the latest bio-nutritionals and effective behaviour modification techniques to provide the safest, easiest and most effective stop smoking programme. One 2 Hour Treatment is all that’s required to Stop Smoking Today and provide the tools to help you stay stopped into the future.

Its safe, easy and very effective!